System Architecture, Actors, & FAQ’s

The APiJET solution begins with the APiJET Data Access Platform which includes a data platform onboard each aircraft connected via IP links to an intelligent ground platform. The airborne platform integrates aircraft and ground data with EFB and mobile devices while applying business logic and analytics to airborne data in real time. The ground system aggregates aircraft data, connects to ground based applications and analytics, integrates to corporate back end systems and moves data up to the aircraft using similar business logic.

Smart Aircraft and Digital Winglets Overview

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System Architecture

The onboard platform is open architecture software that is designed to run on a variety of different server hardware, ingest data in multiple formats, and access any available IP communication link.  The offboard data platform aggregates aircraft data, connects to ground based applications and analytics via standard API’s, and integrates to corporate back end systems.  The offboard platform can be located in any virtualized or cloud environment and uses open, modular computing resources and integration patterns that are built to scale efficiently over time.

Smart Aircraft System Powered by APiJET Actors

APiJET Actors™ power the Smart Aircraft Solution.  APiJET Actors™ are intelligent modules that sit on the aircraft and execute the unique business logic of that airline.  Actors send data and alerts to the applications and analytics used by the airline.  Actors create a configurable feedback loop between ground analytics and the aircraft.  Data becomes information in front of the people that need it using 3rd party or APiJET Applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the system require specific hardware?

No.  The Smart Aircraft System runs on any certified server hardware that can accept third party applications, including IFE and IFC servers.  No matter which hardware is used, the Smart Aircraft Solution provides a standardized output. This means airlines have maximum flexibility around hardware now and into the future. We can recommend hardware from our preferred 3rd Party Compatibility Program as necessary.

Does the system require specific connectivity?

No. The Smart Aircraft System can use any available IP connection inflight or on the ground.

How does the system get data and what kinds of data can it handle?

The Smart Aircraft System receives data in a read-only fashion from certified Aircraft Interface Devices and Modules. The system can handle any type of data including ARINC 717, 429, 629, discrete data and others.

Is the system secure?

Yes, on a number of different levels. At the most basic level, the Smart Aircraft System is read-only. We cannot transmit data into the aircraft systems. Please contact us with specific questions.

Can I develop and use my own proprietary IP on the system?

Yes. The APiJET Actor enables the custom configuration of internally developed analytic IP.

Smart Aircraft Product Overview

APiJET’s Data Services, Applications & Analytics turn data into operational insight.