Smart Aircraft System

Today’s Issue

Historically, aircraft data has been constrained, making access expensive and inflexible. Industry solutions have traditionally addressed a single, specific need using purpose-built hardware and software. Consequently, innovation slowed while systems required prolonged development and release cycles.

Our Solution

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System leverages existing airline avionics, IP communication links, and ground systems to provide actionable insights and intelligence to the right stakeholders at the right time. Our solution employs a flexible, open architecture enabling airlines to solve a variety of current challenges.

The APiJET ActorTM technology within our Smart Aircraft System represents an innovative new approach to predictive analytics. Actors are highly configurable software modules designed to execute custom airline business rules and logic to your aircraft in real-time. Actor technology powers software applications both on-board and off-board your aircraft, providing early indication of issues to your team in time to take action to prevent or minimize the impact.

The Smart Aircraft System encourages continuous improvement. As new insights are gained, additional Actors can be deployed, enabling aircraft and operations to get smarter and more efficient over time.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model is designed for easy and rapid deployment while minimizing the upfront investment.

Key Features & Benefits

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  •  Easy deployment and configuration: Smart Aircraft System leverages existing avionics systems, so deployment is quick and simple
  • Remote Configuration: Perform system updates and modifications without touching your aircraft

  • Scalable: Leverage our system with any OEM and operate across different fleet types
  • Immediate ROI: Little to no capital expenditure results in an almost immediate Return on Investment and reduction of operational costs

Flexible and open architecture

  • Industry standard interfaces: Integrates with existing hardware such as Aircraft Interface Devices (AID) and tablet EFBs, minimizing the dependencies imposed by hardware-based avionics systems

  • Hardware agnostic: Our Proven Partner Program provides assurances that APiJET’s Smart Aircraft system works with avariety of platforms, while also integrating with third-party AIDs, your choice of broadband supplier, and after market sensors

  • Future-proof operations: Integrating the Smart Aircraft System with your operational systems, and/or third-party partner applications enables you to implement, scale and maintain new connected data capabilities

Data Security

  • APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System is software-based and resides outside of aircraft avionics, so there is no safety impact on the aircraft’s operational capability. Data can only be acquired through a read-only, one-way process initiated by the airborne system. Inflight software and ground-based components are also continually tested for vulnerability by an independent third party.

Full Data Control

  • Airlines maintain complete ownership of and control over:

    • All aircraft data

    • Custom-developed Actors
    • Data sharing and distribution decisions

APiJET Smart Aircraft System + Aircraft Data = Smarter Operations

Aircraft Health Monitoring is powered by APiJET’s industry leading Smart Aircraft System. APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System integrates existing aircraft operational data, IP communication links and airline ground systems into a single, connected service that gets the right information, to the right place, at the right time. Our Aircraft Health Monitoring solution leverages proprietary APiJET ActorsTM technology to generate fault data/events, determine the criticality of the fault, and forward fault information based on airline-defined routing rules.

System Architecture, Actors & FAQ’s

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System™, transforms and makes aircraft data available to applications and analytics, in the air and on the ground.

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Digital Winglets (TASAR)

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Turnaround Management

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Aircraft Health Monitoring

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We integrate real-time aircraft position and telemetry with ground-based data feeds to create a comprehensive picture of the operating environment. 


Leverage existing airline avionics, IP communication links, and ground systems to provide actionable insights and intelligence to the right stakeholders at the right time.