APiJET Proven Partners

The APiJET Proven Partner Program focuses on the following categories:

  • Onboard Hardware
  • Connectivity
  • Software Applications
  • Consultants and Software Development
The Proven Partners listed in each of these categories are companies that APiJET has partnered with to ensure that the APiJET Smart Aircraft™ system interoperates with our Partner’s products and will work on your Aircraft. APiJET and its Proven Partners are committed to working together to ensure your Aircraft will operate at higher efficiencies and at lower costs.

Onboard Hardware

The APiJET Smart Aircraft™ System has been Proven to operate on the following Onboard Hardware systems. APiJET has worked with our Proven Partners to ensure the Smart Aircraft™ System is deployable on your Aircraft.

Software Applications and Sensors

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft™ System has been Proven to interoperate with Software Applications on Electronic Flight Bags, providing data to those applications through ARINC and REST interfaces, whether those applications are in the air or on the ground, as well as receiving data from sensors on the aircraft.


APiJET has worked with its Proven Partners to ensure that if there is a Internet Protocol (IP) connection available, that the data from your Aircraft, whether in the air or on the ground, can be analyzed to help drive higher efficiency and lower costs.

Consultants and Software Development

APiJET has worked work several companies that have Proven to understand the Smart Aircraft™ System and can provide additional services and value to you, to utilize that data being generated on your Aircraft.

Become an APiJET Proven Partner

If you have a product or service that will help airline customers utilize data to operate more efficiently and would like to partner with APiJET please email us at [email protected].