Turnaround Management

Apply predictive analytics to real-time aircraft data integrating with your back-office systems to develop a complete turnaround situational awareness and status updates.

Digital Winglets (TASAR)

Uncover hidden fuel and flight time efficiencies with our Digital Winglets application which accounts for aircraft performance, flight constraint and traffic considerations.

Aircraft Health Monitoring

Our AHM solution forward time-critical data to ground systems for off-board triage, trend analysis, and predictive analytics.


We integrate aircraft position with ground-based data feeds to create a comprehensive picture of the operating environment from weather to special-use airspace restrictions.


Leverage existing airline avionics, IP communication links, and ground systems to provide actionable insights and intelligence to the right stakeholders at the right time.

APiJET Smart Aircraft Value Proposition

Payback in months, positive ROI in less than a year. The APiJET Smart Aircraft System is software as a service (SaaS) that uses existing or dedicated infrastructure to deliver exceptional return on investment and payback. With no upfront CapEx and immediate analytics-driven-alerts to operational staff and applications, the ROI begins immediately and grows as deeper insight is gained through the use of the APiJET Smart Aircraft System.

Smart Aircraft

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System integrates existing aircraft operational data, IP communication links and airline ground systems into a single connected service that gets the right information, to the right place, at the right time. Proprietary APiJET Actors perform real-time data processing to power on-board, ground and cloud based applications that provide operations personnel real-time cost savings input and analytics.  The Actors provide a continuous loop that allows algorithms developed on the ground to be “forward deployed” to your aircraft so that your aircraft and operations get smarter over time.

Smart Aircraft Product Overview

APiJET’s Data Services, Applications & Analytics turn data into operational insight.

System Architecture, Actors, & FAQ’s

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System™, transforms and makes aircraft data available to applications and analytics, in the air and on the ground.