Flight Tracker

Today’s Issue

Accurate aircraft location data is imperative in today’s operating environments and new ICAO aircraft tracking requirements demand improved tracking performance. Flight tracking tools have been limited in scope and capability due to dependence on third-party positional data.

Our Solution

avionics at the highest resolution by leveraging Aircraft Interface Device (AID) technology and IP data-links. Our application greatly improves positional certainty and overall situational awareness during all types and phases of operations. We integrate aircraft position with ground-based data feeds to create a comprehensive picture of the operating environment from weather to special-use airspace restrictions.

Key Features

Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) capable

Flight Tracker obtains location data via an AID and sends positional data off-board over an IP link at an airline defined interval.

Data source agnostic

Our solution can integrate with third-party data sources for secondary position information.

Customizable to your needs

  • A customizable user interface, displaying what is important to your operation
  • Integrate with existing airline applications or use as a stand-alone application

Business intelligence

  • Improved positional certainty combined with customizable alerting improves irregular operations recovery and overall operational efficiencies
  • Monitor Standard Operation Policy adherence and gain flight planning insight with post-flight analytics
Sends positional data to ground

every 15 minutes
under normal conditions


every minute
if an aircraft is in distress

Flight Tracker Application Screenshot

Solution Benefits

Receive reliable and consistent aircraft positional information

Improved safety

Increase operational efficiency

Low cost solution

APiJET Smart Aircraft System + Aircraft Data = Smarter Operations

Aircraft Health Monitoring is powered by APiJET’s industry leading Smart Aircraft System. APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System integrates existing aircraft operational data, IP communication links and airline ground systems into a single, connected service that gets the right information, to the right place, at the right time. Our Aircraft Health Monitoring solution leverages proprietary APiJET ActorsTM technology to generate fault data/events, determine the criticality of the fault, and forward fault information based on airline-defined routing rules.

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Digital Winglets (TASAR)

Uncover hidden fuel and flight time efficiencies with our Digital Winglets application which accounts for aircraft performance, flight constraints, and traffic considerations.

Turnaround Management

Combine predictive analytics with real-time aircraft data while integrating with your back-office systems to develop an enhanced situational awareness of the airline’s operations.

Aircraft Health Monitoring

Our AHM solution forwards time-critical data to ground systems for off-board triage, trend analysis, and predictive analytics.



We integrate real-time aircraft position and telemetry with ground-based data feeds to create a comprehensive picture of the operating environment. 


Leverage existing airline avionics, IP communication links, and ground systems to provide actionable insights and intelligence to the right stakeholders at the right time.