Data Services, Applications & Analytics

APiJET’s Data Services, Applications & Analytics are organized into four product families: Aircraft Data Services, Aircraft Health Monitoring, Turnaround Management, and Inflight Insight.  These applications and analytic products use real-time data from the onboard platform, historical data from the ground platform, integrated airline and third party data in appropriate combinations, then add business logic and analytic algorithms to deliver on APiJET’s vision of innovation.

Aircraft Data Services

The APiJET Smart Aircraft Solution provides real-time data ingestion, aggregation and integration services. Data is made available via standard ARINC and REST interfaces to third party applications wherever they reside: onboard in Electronic Flight Bag and crew devices or ground based applications, data warehouses and analytics. With the APiJET solution the airline controls how and where their data is used to drive operational efficiency.

Turnaround Management

APiJET understands that an aircraft that does not block OUT on time most likely will not arrive IN on time. The integration of airline passenger and cargo data with real-time aircraft data regarding aircraft position, entry and cargo doors, fuel load, APU runtime status, and alerting based on configurable business logic allows the airline to immediately identify exceptions that could negatively impact the turnaround process.

Aircraft Health Monitoring

APiJET Aircraft Health Monitoring (AHM) provides airline maintenance organizations actionable information for managing fleet health. An intuitive interface makes examining airplane fault details and performance graphs easy, improving efficiency and providing cost savings through early insights and broad data access.

Inflight Insight

APiJET Airborne Applications and Analytics integrate real-time aircraft data with Flight Planning and weather data, and then applies analytics in real-time to provide alerting, cost reduction and reporting tools.

System Architecture & Actors

APiJET’s Smart Aircraft System™, transforms and makes aircraft data available to applications and analytics, in the air and on the ground.