Alaska Airlines has turned to APiJET to fully develop, optimize and ultimately deploy TASAR across its entire fleet. Full-fleet deployment will commence as soon as January 2020.

Seattle, WA, April 26, 2019 – APiJET, a pioneer in real-time aircraft data analytics, today announced that it has partnered with Alaska Airlines to continue the development of NASA’s Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests (TASAR) technology. Over the last few years, NASA and Alaska Airlines have collaborated on the TASAR concept. Alaska Airlines has now turned to APiJET to fully develop, optimize and ultimately deploy the product across Alaska’s entire fleet. Following a short-term development and trial period, full-fleet deployment will commence as soon as January 2020.

“A partnership with APiJET for commercial development of TASAR technology provides a perfect fit for two companies with forward technology thinking in their collective DNA,” said Alaska Airlines Director of Fleet Technology Bret Peyton.

The TASAR product would be the equivalent of having a Waze-like app in the cockpit. Alaska Airlines is an industry innovator with a series of technology success stories, including the early adoption of fog-busting heads-up displays (HUDs). In 1995, the airline pioneered required navigational performance (RNP), satellite-based GPS technology to fly more reliably, efficiently and precisely in challenging weather and terrain-constrained areas. Additionally, Alaska was the first U.S. airline to remove all paper manuals and navigation charts from its entire fleet, replacing these with electronic flight bags. TASAR technology development with APiJET marks yet another “tech-forward” milestone in Alaska’s long track-record of innovation.

APiJET’s extensive real-time aircraft data and airline IT experience combined with Aviation Partner’s aircraft performance engineering expertise were the determining factors in Alaska’s decision to partner with APiJET.

“We welcome the opportunity to support Alaska in further developing TASAR,” said APiJET CEO Tom Gibbons.
“Our experience with real-time aircraft data analytics aligns perfectly with Alaska’s TASAR needs, while also leveraging Aviation Partners’ expertise.”

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NASA’s TASAR concept relies heavily on real-time aircraft data access, inflight connectivity and advanced algorithms. APiJET’s solution is positioned to yield significant fuel and time savings for airlines at levels comparable to world-renowned Aviation Partner’s Blended and Split Scimitar Winglets™.

APiJET is a Seattle-based joint venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and iJet Technologies.

“Airlines have shown great interest in learning how we can help streamline their operations,” says Tom Gibbons, APiJET interim CEO.

APiJET offers improved operational efficiency through its Smart Aircraft™ System. It supports smart flight and ground operations as well as line and heavy maintenance in real-time, anywhere in the world. Launch customer, Icelandair, has fully deployed APiJET’s analytics service across its entire fleet of Boeing aircraft.

APiJET Proven Partners deliver onboard hardware, inflight connectivity, software applications and sensors that operate on aircraft. The program ensures that all their products and services work well together so airline customers can effectively deploy the APiJET Smart Aircraft system.

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