SEATTLE, Wash. – APiJET, the industry leader in real-time, on-board, automated data analytics, today announced that John Schramm is transitioning out of his role as CEO. Chief Commercial Officer Tom Gibbons will step in as interim CEO. This change takes effect August 30.

Tom Gibbons, APiJET Interim CEO

Aviation Partners 2 and iJet Technologies established APiJET as a joint venture in January 2018. It was known then that Schramm eventually would return to fly full time with a major U.S. carrier. The company has been operating under a transition plan for building up the management team to ensure growth and continuity. Tom Gibbons was named chief commercial officer last January and more recently, TJ Horsager joined the leadership team as vice president of sales and business development.

“John is a pilot at heart, which we all are, so we get it and thank him for not only helping with this transition but for playing a pivotal role in developing our Smart Aircraft technology and building the company that APiJET has become,” says Joe Clark, founder of Aviation Partners. “With Tom’s day-to-day business experience, TJ’s extensive knowledge of the industry, and the addition of several technical staffers, APiJET is well positioned to support existing customers and scale with new customers. I’m confident that APiJET is on a solid foundation that fully supports its upward trajectory.”

In May, APiJET introduced its new joint venture and shared that its system had been deployed at Icelandair since the end of 2017 with a press announcement and media day at its headquarters in downtown Seattle. In June, the team conducted a live demo at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) aviation Data Symposium & AI Lab in Berlin. This fall, Icelandair, which has deployed APiJET’s data service on its full fleet of Boeing 757-200s, 757-300s and 767-300ERs, will install the service on its new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

“Following the transaction close in January, my first goal was to build up the executive staff,” says Schramm. “With Tom’s ability to step in as interim CEO and TJ’s industry experience, the company is in good hands. We’ve been talking to a number of highly qualified candidates for CEO. They see the growth of our business with Icelandair and are encouraged by our conversations with airlines around the world. Like me, they know APiJET offers airlines incredible value.”

The APiJET Smart AircraftTM solution helps airlines control and manage their own aircraft data. Equally important, they can develop their own highly customized savings targets by configuring APiJET Actors™ to airlines’ unique operational specifications. This capability generates actionable information that lead to savings and incremental earnings opportunities. These grow with expanded analytics and ongoing operational improvements.

“With the addition of TJ, the growth of our team and John’s support throughout this transition, we are well positioned to support and grow the business,” says Tom Gibbons. “Good things lie ahead.”

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