SEATTLE, Wash. – Aviation exists because of the value of face-to-face connection. APiJET, the recently launched joint venture between Aviation Partners and iJet Technologies, experienced the power of in-person connection at its first tradeshow, the Aircraft Commerce MRO/Flight Ops IT Conference in Amsterdam, June 5-6.

“Going to a conference like this can be the only way to have a direct conversation with some of these airlines,” says John Schramm, APiJET CEO. “They may not be able to come to our offices in Seattle, so the show offers a convenient meeting place that facilitates and advances interactions.”


An Idea Whose Time Has Come

During the two-day conference, APiJET’s team met with eleven airlines. APiJET stood out as the only analytics provider working with real-time data and an open-architecture model.

“Airlines send their people to learn about the latest, greatest best practices, see what’s new, evaluate what might be worth exploring further, and gain a competitive edge,” says Tom Gibbons, APiJET chief commercial officer. “One thing we believed before the conference, but now know, airlines are actively seeking better solutions. The steady flow of our booth traffic and quality of our discussions proved that.”

In addition to the airlines, attendees and exhibitors included other digital platforms that could use APiJET’s data service. APiJET’s open-architecture platform runs on a variety of server hardware, ingests data in multiple formats, and accesses any available IP communication link. The offboard data platform aggregates aircraft data, connects to ground-based applications and analytics via standard APIs, and integrates with corporate backend systems. This positions APiJET to respond quickly when customers present solutions ripe for integration.


Smart Aircraft for Smart Operations

Conference attendees were especially interested in the idea of APiJET Actors™. These proprietary business-logic modules apply logic to know when and how to deliver data from the aircraft to applications that alert the right people as needed across operations: ground, flight, maintenance, administration and finance. Actors power APiJET’s Smart Aircraft™ solution. They create a configurable feedback loop between ground analytics and the aircraft. Data transforms into insight and is presented to the people who need it. This is done through APiJET or third-party applications.

The aviation industry understands the value of face-to-face connections. APiJET experienced this benefit at Aircraft Commerce’s MRO/Flight Ops IT Conference in Amsterdam, June 5-6.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Airlines will have the opportunity to see the Actors working live at the upcoming International Air Transport Association (IATA) Aviation Data Symposium & AI Lab in Berlin, June 19-20.

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