SEATTLE, Wash. –  APiJET, the new joint venture between Aviation Partners and iJet Technologies, has announced completion of its first fleet rollout: Icelandair. The Reykjavik-based, Icelandic flag-carrier fully deployed APiJET’s data service at the end of 2017. It has been successfully using the service across its entire fleet of Boeing 757-200s, 757-300s and 767-300ERs.


Icelandair Says Already Accruing Solid ROI

“The APiJET solution has delivered value for Icelandair from the first installation,” says Gretar Mar Odinsson, Icelandair program director. “The ability to deliver value across the entire airline is unlike anything in the market today. We’re so happy with the product and team that we’re also installing it on our new 737 MAX.”


Save Immediately and Long Term

APiJET’s SMART AIRCRAFT™ system generates immediate return on investment for airlines by focusing first on tailored solutions to small problems. While cost savings may seem slight individually, they become substantial when aggregated over an airline’s day-in, day-out operations. APiJET then adds solutions that drive incremental revenue while addressing bigger issues. With zero capital expenditure and quick deployment time, the service accelerates the existing return on invested capital (ROIC) for an airline. That starts with a payback period as short as two months and grows to a return of several multiples above the monthly service cost within the first two years.

The SMART AIRCRAFT system includes an on-aircraft data management platform, aircraft monitoring analytics and first-party applications. It is compatible with third-party applications and is paid for on a per-tail, per-month basis. The on-aircraft platform gathers data, hosts APiJET Actors™ (proprietary business logic modules), and applies logic to know when and how to send data off the aircraft to applications.


Airlines Retain Data Ownership

The APiJET solution helps airlines control and manage their own data. Equally important, they can develop their own highly customized savings targets by configuring APiJET Actors™ to airlines’ unique operational specifications. This capability generates actionable information that lead to the desired savings. These grow with expanded analytics and ongoing operational improvements.

“Over time, the analysis of an ever-growing amount of data and Actor actions enables the development of additional Actors, driving a flywheel effect on an airline’s savings and incremental earnings opportunities,” says Tom Gibbons, president, Aviation Partners 2.

Icelandair began working with iJet Technologies in 2016 as a way to monitor aircraft data points in real time. It worked so well iJet Technologies started looking for a partner who could help scale their service. Aviation Partners offered the necessary technical scaling, financial support and industry relationships. This better-together synergy led to APiJET’s formation.

“Airlines have been looking long and hard for a strategic solution like APiJET’s SMART AIRCRAFT,” says John Schramm, APiJET CEO. “Consider the tremendous advantage, for example, of uniform management of mixed fleets. Our event data and applications enable an airline like Icelandair to compare, standardize, develop and improve experiences fleetwide and on a daily basis. APiJET changes the game for customers.”

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