Company Overview

Aviation Partners and iJet Technologies joined forces in January 2018 to launch a joint venture called APiJET. APiJET combines the industry knowledge, credibility and market access of Aviation Partners, with the power and effectiveness of the iJet Technologies solution to deliver real returns to the airline customer. The company is headquartered in Seattle Washington.


Meet the Team

Tom Gibbons

Chief Executive Officer

Tom has over 25 years of experience leading global Fortune 500 companies in areas of strategic incubation, software, services and hardware development, marketing and sales in consumer products, enterprise platform and aviation technologies. He is a former senior executive at Microsoft where he was a corporate Vice President with responsibility for businesses as diverse as WindowsEmbedded, XboxLive and PC Accessories. Tom is on the Board of Directors of the Museum of Flight and is an avid private pilot.

Stephen Elop

Board Member and Senior Advisor

Stephen Elop has a robust professional background with more than 20 years of experience spanning enterprise software, services and smart devices. Most recently, Stephen has been serving as a senior advisor to private equity firm TPG. Prior to that, he served as Group Executive of Technology, Innovation and Strategy at Telstra. Stephen Elop was the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group, which he joined from Nokia following Microsoft’s acquisition of the company’s devices and services business. From 2010 to 2013, Stephen served as President and CEO of Nokia, leading the company through a major partnership with Microsoft to develop smartphones and other devices. Prior to that, he was the President of Microsoft’s Business Division, leading Microsoft’s Office franchise. Throughout his career,Stephen has also held executive roles at Juniper Networks, Adobe Systems, and Macromedia.

TJ Horsager

VP of Sales and Business Development

TJ has accumulated over 20 years of commercial aviation experience in areas ranging from airline flight operations and maintenance experience to Connected Aircraft and Electronic Flight Bags (EFB). Most recently, he lead Gogo’s Connected Aircraft Services team, set product strategy and supported connecting over 65,000 pilots and flight attendants with broadband inflight connectivity. He holds a number of FAA licenses including Commercial Pilot, Airframe & Powerplant Maintenance Technician, Turbojet Flight Engineer and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering from North Dakota State University. He also enjoys the outdoors, spending time at the lake with his family and flying.

Asha Wadhwa

Head of System Engineering, Aircraft Data & Analytics

Asha is a systems engineer with over 20 years of experience in the avionics industry. She has held key roles in design, development, verification and certification phases for several commercial flight safety products. At APiJET, she specializes in aircraft data acquisition, normalization and analysis. In addition, she is a lead member of the systems integration and aircraft testing team. Asha graduated from The City University, London with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Control, Instrumentation and Systems Engineering. Asha is a dedicated band mom and avid Seattle Sounders fan. When she’s not practicing yoga and trying for the perfect handstand, she is likely wining and dining with friends and family.

Paul Mallasch

Head of Aviation Technology & System Integration Lab

Paul Mallasch is Senior Director of Aviation and Technology Development at APiJET.  He has over three decades of experience in advanced air traffic management, flight-test, and airplane and laboratory integration experience developing systems at NASA and for multiple commercial customers.  Paul is highly versed in the field of satellite communications where his Ka-band application research earned him the NASA Administrator’s Award for Excellence.  In aerospace, his efforts contributing to future airborne communications and weather system research resulted in two NASA Turning Goals into Reality (TGIR) awards from Office of Aerospace Technology.  His successes also include deployment of a web-based solution to a major US airline providing conflict-free, time and efficient route deviation, culminating in commercial product development approval.  He holds a United States Patent for a unique data management system to process asynchronous streams of telemetry data from disparate aircraft systems.

Eddy Ferre

Head of Software Development & Airborne Architecture

An experienced aerospace software engineer specializing in development and qualification of critical airborne systems, Eddy holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.  Prior to APiJET, Eddy worked on projects for NASA/JPL, Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and GE Aviation.  Eddy is also a lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seattle University, teaching hands-on laboratory classes to junior students.  In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, skiing, playing tennis and ping-pong.

Nick Fraker

Head of QA, DevOps, Support & Ground Architecture

Nick provides APiJET with a decade of experience in production infrastructure design and automation. Over that time he has built secure, reliable, and performant solutions for companies large and small. Nick comes to APiJET from northern Ohio, living most recently in Cleveland where he oversaw the team responsible for technology services at a Payment Card Industry start-up, providing PCI-DSS compliant solutions for hundreds of millions of transactions per day originating everywhere from Singapore to South Africa to Seattle. In his off-time he enjoys running, is an adventurous eater, and loves to head out into the woods with a field guide in one hand and his camera in the other.

Colleen Richey

Senior Director of HR, Finance and Business Operations

Colleen Richey’s entrepreneurial style and 25+ years in HR, Financial Management, Business Operations, and Recruiting has equipped her to build and move APiJET forward. Co-owning a business for 18 years taught her to build and manage a business. As the Executive Director of a non-profit with over 500 volunteers she created teams that drove value by assessing employee and volunteer capabilities. Colleen has been here since the beginning; overseeing plans, creating culture, moving business operations forward, running the day to day financial operations, benefits and HR management. Her goal is to create a place people love to work. A Washington native and University of Washington alum, Colleen enjoys boating, skiing, and Seattle sports.

Kathryn Taylee

Principal Software Engineer

Kathryn brings a lifelong passion for technology and a broad array of development experience to APiJET. Growing up in Washington, she spent most of her childhood tinkering with computers and learning to write code. She worked in desktop support and system/network administration for many years, and was responsible for keeping everything running in around 50 offices in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Then she moved to Kansas City and started work as a software engineer, where she designed an enterprise cloud point-of-sale system and led a team of developers to integrate with a variety of peripherals, payment devices, and software services. Back in the northwest now, she’s looking forward to going out in the woods with her wife, her dog, and maybe even her cat.

Cherian Zachariah

Principal Software Engineer

Zach works as a software engineer on a number of APiJET’s products including the platform and web applications. He worked as an Electrical Engineer for several years before discovering the joys of software development. He’s worked on web software development since working on streaming audio at RealNetworks in the mid-90s.

Tony Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

Tony specializes in web development. Our front-end, customer facing applications are his priority.  As a firm believer in test driven development he is able to sleep through night, allowing him to focus on what’s next. Tony has spent the last 10 years in the startup space, having hit the big 3 – Austin, San Francisco and Seattle – He aspires to live in Berlin.

Brian Guggino

Automation Test Engineer

Brian has been flipping bits for over 20 years and jumped at the chance to be a team member at APiJET. He has worked at large companies, like GE, Philips, and Expedia but really enjoys working at small companies that allow one to wear many hats and learn new things. Brian graduated from University of Maryland and soon after moved West to avoid the humid hot summers. Outside of work Brian enjoys mountain biking, building bike trails, hiking to alpine lakes and most of all skiing with his family.

Mike Bailey

System Operations Engineer

Mike brings over two decades of experience working in information technology. Spending the last decade focusing on production operations support, system administration, and systems engineering roles. He brings with him a strong focus on automation, continuous integration and delivery, system health and performance, and continual infrastructure improvement. Originally from Colorado he moved to Seattle in 2000, moved back to Colorado in 2014, and came back to Seattle in 2018 for the opportunity to join APiJet. Outside of work Mike enjoys time with his family, photography, and archery.

Natalia Kasymova

Automation Test Engineer

Natalia focuses on quality assurance. She grew up in Russia, eventually moved to the US and lived in California, Massachusetts, North Carolina and now Seattle. She has worked at both small startups and big companies like Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and is excited to bring her diverse experience and get her feet wet in the aviation industry. In her free time Natalia enjoys hiking, biking, baking and travelling around the world..

Sergey Alentyev

Senior Database Architect

Sergey has wide experience in design, development and administration of transactional and Business Intelligence databases. He holds a Master Degree in Computer Science. Took part in many IT projects in different industries like Human Resource, Healthcare and Wellness, Automotive, Insurance, Telecommunication and hopes to get new experience in Aviation. Also, he had been working for more than two years from his basement in Issaquah and really excited to start new job in downtown where he can see more people. Enjoys fishing for salmon and steelhead in different rivers of Washington.

Brian Magnuson

Software Engineer

Brian earned his Bachelor and Master of Science in Electical Engineering from the University of Washington. There he was affiliated with a lab researching hybridization of modern vehicles for improved emissions and energy consumption. After graduation, he joined Tesla’s Autopilot team where he primarily focused on pose estimation and lane assignment. He and his wife are happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest where in their free time they take their corgi for long walks, drink lots of coffee, and try to get out and explore the surrounding nature.

AJ Morales

Professional Services Team Lead

AJ is an experienced business and technical professional with over 15 years of experience in managing resources, planning, engineering and supporting all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle. AJ received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Sciences from Barry University in Miami, FL. AJ holds two graduate degrees; a Master of Science in Information Systems from Pace University in New York, NY and a Master of Art in Business Administration from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN. He spends most of his time with his wife Katie and his three dogs. AJ firmly believes that you are never too old to learn new tricks, so he has recently taken up skateboarding and longboarding.

Psalm Terry

Software Product and Program Manager (Aviation Applications)

Psalm is a product manager who has spent a decade driving simple and valuable user experiences. Before joining APiJET, his customers have included online investors, airline passengers and flight attendants. Psalm is curious, deeply customer-focused and passionate about building excellent tech products. Psalm grew up in Arizona, watching A-10s soaring in the desert sky as a boy. He studied Communication at Northern Arizona University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He and his wife made a home in the Pacific Northwest in 2004, where they live today with their children. Psalm’s interests are eclectic, but he loves great coffee, live music and running outdoors.

Ric Merrifield

General Manager of Software Product and Program Manager

Ric brings over 30 years of experience leading complex enterprise software and new product development projects including the Disney MagicBand and Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay. While at Microsoft, Ric created, and patented, a body of work known as business architecture that led to a TEDx talk, articles in the Harvard Business Review and the award-winning book Rethink. Ric enjoys rowing on the port side of the boat and catching Dungeness crab by hand.

John Young

Software Product and Program Manager (Aviation Applications)

John brings more than two decades of experience to APiJET building enterprise SaaS and mobile device platforms. He has extensive experience in geolocation technologies developing full-stack automotive integrations, real-time location sharing, and holds two patents in the map service that ushered in turn-by-turn navigation on smartphones that is used today by millions around the world. John is an instrumented rated private pilot, and when not buzzing the mountains of the PNW, enjoys world travel, building electronics, casting hot glass, woodworking, snowboarding and has a strong passion for cooking and zymurgy.

Sergey Bezruchkin

Senior Software Developer

Sergey Bezruchkin got his master’s degree in Physics and Engineering from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Sergey worked in Central Aerodynamics Institute (Moscow) designing and developing Flight Simulator for combat airplanes. He developed Flight Simulator Game Flanker SU 27 (got prize on E3 best modern air combat simulator) Microsoft invite in Flight Simulator Team. He worked as software developer for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, X; Combat Flight Simulator 1, 2, 3. More recently, he has developed voice-over-IP for iPhone and Android (optimization codec H264 H263, graphics). He also worked on custom software for the corporate private and VIP aircraft for Astronics Custom Control Concepts. His hobbies include building and programming Multicopter (flight controller), and hiking.

Christy Henderson

Senior Technical Writer

Christy is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, and moved to Seattle in 2005 because she preferred gray skies to blue. She has over five years of experience as a business analyst developing and supporting access control and physical security systems, two years as a product manager for a healthcare information technology company, and over a decade of experience as a technical writer. In her spare time she writes speculative fiction, narrates and produces audiobooks, and shares a home with her husband and two cats.

Darren Wallace

Automation Test Engineer

Darren started out about as far from the software industry as you could. Darren joined the Navy at 18 and ended up going through Naval Nuclear Power School. After the Navy he jumped into a number of different fields including hardware field technician. In 1998 he had the opportunity to start at Microsoft as a Software Tester on Exchange and has been in the industry ever since. He’s helped develop new SaaS platforms, and worked on the kernel of Windows OS from XP to Windows 10. Outside of work, he is a big nature lover and enjoys minimalist camping, playing fetch with his dog, Blue, and reading.

Derek Olds

Systems Operations Engineer

Derek Olds has been working with computers for the last 20+ years. He started in the industry taking customer support calls for a small computer company. Since then he has worked for HP, Microsoft, Google, and OfferUp with some time in startups along the way. Most of his time has been spent creating infrastructure for test and production environments. He is excited to be moving into the aviation space and learning about all problems that are unique to it. He loves learning new things and can’t wait to get started. When Derek is not working he likes to play music, and video games. He also really likes whitewater boating and will spend hours telling you about the many rivers he has run if you give him half the chance.

Tarn Sublett
Finance Manager

Tarn has over 30 years of experience in accounting, investment banking, trading and team building.  He is a former senior executive of Arena Sports, Lil’ Kickers and Dash where he was responsible for developing new properties and building out teams and new businesses at Magnuson Park and Issaquah. Tarn is an avid sports fan, most recently consulting for the Seattle Kraken launch.

Vinh Bui
Systems Engineer

Vinh has always been a fan of fixed-wing aircraft, which led him to pursue a degree in Aerospace engineering to learn more about what goes into designing and building a flying machine. He finished his bachelor’s and master’s degree in 2018 and 2021, respectively, at Georgia Tech. While completing his bachelor’s degree, he gained interest in learning about the business side of aerospace, more specifically, data-driven decision-making from aircraft manufacturers and airliners. That led him to choose systems engineer as his focus in graduate school, especially data analytics related projects. He really enjoys discovering how data can help with reducing cost, improving mission effectiveness or providing insight into improvements for future aircraft designs. Outside of work he enjoys playing sports like soccer, tennis, basketball and swimming. In the near future, he wants to take flight lessons and hopes to get his private pilot license.

Aviation Partners Pioneer Takes Final Flight

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